Fresh Brewed Coffee and Decaf Coffee and Orange Juice Included in Buffet Setups (Burrito Bar Excluded).

Assorted Hot Teas available upon request

-Ten person minimum on breakfasts-

The CCC Breakfast

Fresh Sliced Fruit Display with Seasonal Fresh Fruits and Berries, Scrambled Eggs, CCC Breakfast Potatoes with Peppers and Onions, Applewood Smoked Bacon Strips and Savory Sausage Patties
Home Made Salsa Rojo Assorted Pastries

The Executive Continental

Sliced Fresh Fruits and Berry Display with assortment of pastries

Ask about our “Made to Order” Omelet Bars

Each of our Hot Breakfasts includes Freshly Brewed Colombian Coffee and Decaf Coffee Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice and Apple Juice Assorted Hot Teas available upon request

CCC Breakfast Burritos

12″ Flour Tortilla filled with Scrambled Eggs, CCC Breakfast Potatoes, House Made Green Chili, Choice Spicy Chorizo, Bacon, Breakfast Sausage or Vegetable Blend.

Oatmeal Bar

Steal Cut Oatmeal, Fresh Diced Fruit, Dried Fruit, Brown Sugar, Nuts, Dark Chocolate Chips, Apple Sauce and Vermont Maple Syrup. Served with a Fruit Tray


Breakfast Taco Bar

4” Flour Tortillas, Scrambled Eggs, Chorizo, Diced Ham, Guacamole, Pickled Red Onion, Chopped Cilantro, Sour Cream, House Made Salsa Roja, Salsa Verde and Queso Fresco Cheese. Served with a Fruit Tray.

Chili Quiles (Breakfast Casserole)

A traditional Mexican Dish is Fried Tortillas Simmered in Red Sauce and Tossed with Shredded Chicken. Layered with Scrambled Eggs and baked with Cheese Blend. Served with Salsa Verde, Pickled Red Onion, Guacamole and Sour Cream. Served with a Fruit Tray.


Egg Muffin

Eggs muffins  peppers, Onions and Fresh Mushrooms and Cheese (Think Mini Omelets). Served with a Fruit Tray.

Donut Bar

Mini Doughnuts and Mini Churros, Served Warm. Toppings include Sprinkles, Mallow Cream, Oreo Crumble, Chocolate Sauce, Diced Fruit, Choc Chips, Nuts and Cinnamon Sugar Blend. Served with a Fruit Tray.


Any of the following items can be added to the above buffets:
Fresh Whole Fruit (Bananas, Oranges, and Apples) – 2.00
Bacon Strips (3 Per Person) – 3.75
Sausage Patties (2 Per Person) – 3.75
Scrambled Eggs – 3.50
Assorted Bagels (Plain, Onion, Blueberry, Cinnamon-Raisin) – 3.00